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Ca$his - I Cry

03:35 3.28 MB 15 Januari 2016

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[Intro] Shades.. oh yeah if you into my world, you seen a demon & angel I seen before.. I'm created for this (I Cry) (At Least I Try) It takes turmoil and it turns into profit, that's a gift

[Verse 1]
Woke up this mornin' to a feelin' that was nothin' good Mama celebratin' Christmas Day my baby mama lost my son & I had drama on my own kind, I wouldn't at all turn off my phone in the studio guess what I read when I turned it on it said.. "The baby's gone" even though it was early on in the pregnancy somehow I felt connected it affected me I'm sitting here with weed, drink and weaponry there's 2 kids to me, what's next for me? can't dwell on it cause it's on with mine just sit next to your brother in the line he had a different mom but both of ya mine and I hold ya in due time my baby sit here & I cry

I Cry, Cry, Cry, Cry I Cry Uh Huh
I Try Try Try, I Try.. But it won't come back

[Verse 2]
Don't matter I can't right that wrong but you gave me a life to write this song you live on and your gone but you still walk with me even if your mom don't, we got lives that's different I sip wine, pop dimes, rhyme bout riches.. which is why I chase that dough still put a meal up for both of y'all before I'm gone I loved ya life just like my own with that another part of my life is gone but you return through this song if they don't let me through the gates at least y'all will get home a demon made angels now you free I'm a stay doing me true indeed black Jesus on his birthday I grieve but I celebrate and get cheese, smoke weed bout 10k of ones, my lil kings ball out never fall I'm a be there in a hundred mil

My life is a shade of colors, Ion even know man