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Tyga - Hypnotized

02:53 2.64 MB 10 April 2011

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Uh, just bought a condo downtown, high as fuck
27th floor, all the bitches down to fuck
Big donkey butt, Ciroc coconut
Big gulps, drink it all like a Slurpee cup
Brain freeze, iced like a hockey puck
London town, Westwood, what the fuck is up?
Just checked my account, another hundred thou’
Niggas sendin’ me money like I’m PayPal
Wait pal, pow pow, 40 cal
Smith & Wesson, make a wrestler whistle loud
I’m in the grocery store, can’t even walk the aisles
Ya girls see me, nah, I’m takin’ pictures with a smile
Sunlight reflectin’ off my gold skin
Last King killing everything you dressin’ in
Blacks, Mexicans say, when your shit goin drop?
I tell em, Careless World probably gon’ make the world stop
Vibrate your soul, make your pussy pop
Presidential suite, tip the bell hop
I speak a language of money, like casinos
Spitting my phlegm on pictures birds and eagles
I’m on a mission to Mars, Don Cheadle
I’m a legend to ya’ll ordinary people
From Hollywood to Cerritos
The black beatles, and I ain't even got a single
And living single, all my diamonds seem clear
Louie trunks in my living room bitches stare
Who is this young? how’d he manage to make it here
The future is ours, robotic sports car
Paid for, therefore, beach chair just chillin'
I don’t eat pork and I’ve never tried chitlins
It's hard living in hell, why should demons avail?
Turn into a human shell
Hate you cause they hate themselves
Hah, blood thinner, poppin’ pills to stay balanced
On or off the road, everyday's a challenge
I need a studio, book me room, a palace
I gotta go its gettin’ late and I ain't got my license

Cop pull me over and shit, asking why I was driving reckless
I told him I’m I was a rapper, look at my watch
Still gave me a ticket though

Black thoughts in my eyes got me hypnotized
Black thoughts in my eyes got me hypnotized
Black thoughts in my eyes got me hypnotized
Open your mind