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Nipsey Hussle - Skurr

03:44 3.42 MB 25 November 2017

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[Verse 1: Nipsey Hussle]
Don't be mad at me streets phased me gradually
Chose the grind but it wasn't all vanity
Court rooms and casualties it all came naturally
Always hoped I change the game for those after me
Gang of broken kids only hope to live
Stick together through this shit so that's what we did

[Verse 2: Bino Rideaux]
I pray all the hundreds keep on coming in
We ain't playin' round with you nigga me and my niggas jumping in
Still passing, baby
Locked my brother up, couldn't face what happened
Take my slimmer of my weight when I'm in traffic
Made it out the mud I ain't adapted
You ain't really live that struggle you be rappin'
With that forty on my hip like it's in fashion
I just pray my mama love me through the madness

[Verse 3: Nipsey Hussle]
Paint the picture perfect twice as rich as urges
Hurry up and leave the block if you ain't making purchase
It's a long story i've been busy working
Dropped ten tapes and I ain't nick the surface
I like to think I gave the hood a different purpose cause I ain't never seen these type of niggas this encouraged
First seven figures I'll admit to splurging
I admit to breaking down when I spoke at your service
Natural born leader ain't no gettin' nervous
Ain't no planning ain't no thinking we just putting work in
Hunnid thousand cash make you feel important
Break bread with your team then you feel extorted
Gotta get that out your heart cause we can't afford it
Gave your word and a plan aboard it
Always plan a fortune, get my people out this land of corpses
Nipseyno young legends out of California

[Verse 4: Bino Rideaux]
I'm tryna prove it
I'm getting better shit I'm so proven
I swear I still remember we we're losing
No girl but what we didn't make it through it
Real niggas feel the pain in the music
If you went and got it out that mud dawg I'm with you
I was playin keep away from my plug got my issue
If they catch me pour mud at my vigil
Ball hard I can't give her game but I was true to her
Lil brother yea those neighbors they gon' do to em
I might put on my chains on at the funeral
They come kill a nigga they make it look beautiful
My mama ain't too real living
Them drugs got side-effects they make it hard to deal with me
If I'm eating then my brother sharing meals with me yeah yeah